Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe From Starter

Basic Sourdough Bread Recipe From Starter

This recipe is a classic white sourdough bread that is suitable for complete beginners that. You'll know it's ready to be used when the surface is bubbly and a small spoonful floats in water.

How to Make Your Own Sourdough Starter Recipe

To make the leavening, combine the active sourdough starter, 1/2 cup of flour, and 1/3 cup of water in a large bowl and mix until a thick paste forms.

Basic sourdough bread recipe from starter. Cover and allow to sit at room temp overnight or at least 12 hours. A small piece of dough will stretch between four fingers without breaking thin enough to allow light to pass through.; This recipe has been a long time coming!

Cover the jar with a cloth secured with. Mix sourdough starter, flour, and salt together. Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl and let it rise for 45 to 60 minutes, until puffy but not necessarily doubled in bulk.

Combine all the ingredients and mix and knead — by hand, mixer, or bread machine — to make a soft, smooth dough; There is no kneading involved, and a bread machine or a stand mixer is not required (hooray!). It the perfect recipe and technique for beginners.

Half of the starter is discarded to keep the yeast growth under control and manageable and the remaining starter healthy. With this straight to the point guide and tips. Mix the starter, flour, and water, cover, and let the mixture rest at room temperature for approximately 12 hours before repeating.

Shape the dough into a in a pan or proofing basket, or on a board. I’ve had an overwhelming number of people reach out to me for a basic beginners sourdough bread recipe and now it’s finally here! When feeding your sourdough starter, remove 1 cup of starter into a new bowl (this is the starter you're going to replenish).

About 15 to 20 minutes by hand, 7 to 10 minutes in a mixer, and 20 to 30 minutes in a bread machine. Use enough water to make bread dough. My fairly new starter has still not achieved the tang i want, but this recipe is the recipe i will keep using for my sourdough bread.

You can use the remaining starter for a bread recipe, discard it, or make another delicious sourdough baked good. In a clean glass jar, mix both flours with 40 grams of warm water and stir to fully combine. (a moist dough is preferable to a dry dough.) knead dough until it passes the “window pane test”:

Nice crust, good chewiness, moist inside, and very good flavor.

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