Chocolate Milkshake Recipe In Hindi

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe In Hindi

Add 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Chikoo milkshake recipe in hindi (चीकू मिल्कशेक) बनाने की विधि:

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In this video, we will make hot chocolate which is an all time favorite cocoa flavored milkshake.

Chocolate milkshake recipe in hindi. कोल्ड कोको मिल्कशेक | कोको चॉकलेट मिल्कशेक | कोको स्मूथी | cold cocoa milkshake recipe in hindi language | with 8 amazing images. There are different methods to prepare chocolate milkshake but this one is made using cocoa powder. Firstly, in a blender take 2 chocolate cupcake.

Added to 216 cookbooks this recipe has been viewed 44357 times. Chocolate smoothie recipe | thick chocolate milkshake | chocolate shake | restaurant style milkshake healthy and easy way to make instant chocolate smoothie at home. In a glass, take 1/4 cup of warm water.

Whipping cream chocolate shavings chocolate syrup chocolate ice cream. Oreo milkshake recipe in hindi by sonia goyal ओर य म ल कश क र स प you chocolate milkshake recipe in hindi chocolate milkshake recipe with syrup milk and ice cream Caramel whipped cream chocolate cake.

Here are the step by step directions to prepare chocolate milkshake: Please don’t use compound chocolate in this recipe, as that does not have cocoa butter which is the key ingredient for a good hot chocolate. Add 2 cup milk, 2 scoop.

Add sugar and ice cubes. सबसे पहले एक मिक्सी जार में बारीक़ कटे हुए चीकू और चीनी डालकर मिक्सी को 1 मिनिट के लिए. Chocolate day पर अपने पार्टनर के लिए बनाइए डार्क चॉकलेट मिल्क शेक.

Not one, but 3 ways in this video. Serve immediately, you can drizzle some chocolate syrup over it, also you can first drizzle some syrup along the walls of the glass inside and pour the milkshake over it. Try it once and let me know if.

It would taste like like we have it in the restaurant or cafe. You can skip chocolate syrup and use ice cream alone and add a tsp of sugar to balance sweetness if you want. I have used cupcake, you can use any cake along with frosting.

How to make chocolate cake shake using leftover cake: Here, warm water is taken so that sugar and cocoa powder dissolves easily. Add the grated chocolate and gently bring to a boil.

Heat milk in a pan over medium flame.

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