Cooking Bacon In A Grill Pan

Cooking Bacon In A Grill Pan

A regular pan will contain the splatter better and cook more evenly, but my preferred method is in the microwave on a plate with an inverted plate covering it. The grill adds a bit.

The Best Way to Cook Bacon Stovetop, Oven, Grill, and

Cooking your bacon on a stovetop means the bacon sits in its own fats, whereas cooking bacon on the grill allows the fat to drip off.

Cooking bacon in a grill pan. Because of its square shape, its extremely effortless to. A grill pan is a type of cookware that is very similar to a frying pan but has a unique design that is meant to serve a different purpose. This will allow the fat to slowly render — or melt out of the bacon — which.

For the second batch of bacon, we cut the bacon slices in half, because we noticed that the tips on the first half were cooking faster than the rest of the bacon. The bacon is ready and perfect and it doesn’t have any curling. The bacon was nice and crisp and the fat drained off beautifully.

However, if you need to make a lot of it, a griddle is definitely the best way to cook bacon. No smoke, no splattering, no mess! A grill pan seems like a bad place to start for bacon.

Get it as soon as tue, apr 6. If you're ready to graduate from using the frying pan to cooking bacon on a griddle, these tips will come in handy. This is because the ends were laying over the edges of the bacon pan and were cooking faster, so we had to pull it off sooner than what we wanted otherwise, it would’ve burnt.

Put your skillet or frying pan on the grates to preheat it as well. As with fried chicken, cast iron has a symbiotic relationship with bacon. While the grill’s raised ridges aren’t perfect for the bacon, just about everything feels to match.

Because my grill is small i had to work in batches but it still made less mess than cooking bacon in a pan or the oven. This means you can eat a little more of it without feeling guilty. Preheat the grill to 400°f (204.44°c).

Just like a frying pan, a grill pan comes with raised edges for easier cooking. Place this directly onto the grill grates and use it as a makeshift pan for your bacon. Speaking of the fats when frying bacon, they can cause a hazard for burns.

It took about 3 minutes per side for nice crisp bacon. 4.4 out of 5 stars 336. Because the bacon sits in the fat, it sputters up quite.

Lay the bacon strips side by side on the pan. I also preferred the texture of the bacon to that made in the microwave. A frying pan is a good tool for cooking bacon, if you're just making a little bit.

Its high sides help keep bacon and all grease within the pan. This is the method that stands out from all the rest. The best pan for stovetop bacon is a cast iron skillet.

Finally, fold in the corners so the grease from the bacon will not drip out of the aluminum foil. Cooks often deal with the problems of the bacon curling up in the frying pan, but in the grill it wouldn’t happen. However, the most prominent feature of this pan is the grill lines on the cooking surface that are at least 1 to 2 centimeters.

Close the grill lid and let the bacon. We love this rachael ray grill pan for all of your bacon needs.

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The Best Way to Cook Bacon Stovetop, Oven, Grill, and

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